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discussion post on global warming in the following format.

  1. Conduct research from your textbook and on the Internet to learn the positions of both sides of the global warming debate. Explain each as completely and objectively as you can. Use at least three high quality sources. Cite and reference them properly in your posting.
  2.  Next, choose a side and defend it, basing your conclusions on your research and what you have learned in this course. 
  3. Describe a path you believe the world should take to mitigate the situation. Realize that all of your suggested actions will have consequences. Thus, think about your choices carefully. Assess the realistic ends and efficiency of the measures you promote. Take into consideration the political, economic, social, environmental, and safety aspects of your proposals.

Due to the amount of research and work assigned in this discussion, a minimum of 5 words is required for your initial post.


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