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Question #1 (16 Points)

Tom is a molecular biology graduate student who needs to isolate a gene from the

pathogenic bacteria Salmonella typhi, which he is studying. He wisely decides to use PCR to

amplify the gene before trying to purify it. The gene has the general structure shown below:

~1000 Base Pairs



The gene is about 1000 nucleotide base pairs long, but only the sequences at the ends of

the double strand are shown. Use the information from the video, what you learned about base

pairing in class, and the fact that PCR always proceeds along the parent DNA strand the 3′ to 5′

direction. Design two, 6-nucleotide long, PCR primers for Tom.

a) What different components will do you want to add to your PCR?

a) Template DNA and DNA Polymerase b) Template DNA and Primers c) Template DNA, Primers and DNA Polymerase


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