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What’s the payback period of the project?

What’s the profitability index of the project?

What’s the IRR of the project?

What’s the NPV of the project?

Should the project be accepted?

If the price needs to be adjusted, what’s the lowest the product could be offered and still have a positive NPV (keeping all other assumptions the same)

Marketing study                     $100,000

New PDA cost                         $200,000

Fixed Cost                             $2.1 million

Estimated sales per year:

Year 1 – $75,000

Year 2 – $85,000

Year 3 – $80,00

Year 4 – $70,000

Year 5 – $65,000

Unit price of new product     $24

Equipment                           $10.5 million

Value of equipment in 5 years – $1.1 million

Networking Capital               22%  No initial outlay for NWC

Corporate tax                         30%

Required return                      10%


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