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To ensure that they nurture the human spirit, they maintain going for the best coffee available in the market around the world. For “one person, one cup and a neighborhood at a time,” Starbucks has its own way of developing loyal customers and contributes to the environment even as it makes its profits (Diane, Raven, & Al-Mutair, 1998). In another article on “Wake up and smell the coffee,” by Anonymous author, it is stated that during when Starbucks is roasting its coffee, there is a production of smoke that when released to the environment just that way, it causes environmental pollution (Anonymous, 2006). This would show how Starbucks engages in an activity that is considered unethical or illegal. However, the company tries so much to reduce this issue by completing the oxidation process of the material into CO2 and water, which are, therefore, safe to release to the


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