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After having read the extra readings on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, as well as having read a bit about the effects of MDMA, do you think it has potential for therapeutic use, particularly for those patients with severe anxiety and stress from life events (use specific examples from the extra readings to support your opinions)? Could something like MDMA make therapists re-configure the way they perceive and practice traditional therapeutic sessions for those specific populations, or do you think the drug’s connection to recreational use will keep it from becoming mainstream? Considering how many soldiers are coming home from war with PTSD, do you feel its potential in treating this is enough to merit a change in MDMA’s scheduling, so that more research can be done? Finally, if you have used MDMA, what were your experiences like? Do you think that those subjective effects, when felt in the context of therapy, could prove to be useful, and why or why not?

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