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Boyd, Delost and Holcomb (1998) conducted a study to determine if significant gender differences existed in the mean amount of calcium levels in the blood among subjects 65 years of age and older. The researchers performed a retrospective chart review of laboratory procedures performed in six different physician practices. The nonmissing data consisted of 176 subjects. The variables collected were SEX (1=male, 2=female), LAB (lab where blood was analyzed; 1=Metpath, 2=Deyor, 3=St. Elizabeth’s, 4=CB Rouche, 5=YOH, 6=Horizon), AGE (years), AKPHOS (alkaline phosphatase, IU/L), and CAMMOL (raw calcium, mmol/L). Using a 0.05 significance level and the given computer output, you now need to test the claim that the patients in the six physician practices (or labs) have different mean calcium levels by answering the questions that follow:

a. What is the value of hte test statistic for the omnibus null hypothesis Ho?

b. What is the p-value corresponding to the test statistic?


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