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Think carefully about what each quote might infer about the character and choose the most appropriate answer in the context of the play. 

1. “Doesn’t know! What do you mean by that? A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.”(Billing)

A. There should be a true democracy in a town where everyone has an equal say

B. Anyone in a community should be prepared to make decisions for the whole community

C. Only a few people in a community are tough enough to be leaders

D. There should be no leaders in a community

2. “How do you come to be so certain of all this, Doctor?”(Hovstad)

A. Hovstad is a journalist and wants to be sure of his facts

B. Hovstad will print anything to sell his paper

C. Hovstad is a journalist who does not want to print anything that is unpopular

D. Hovstad doesn’t really care if what the Dr. alleges is true but he thinks it looks good if he asks


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