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I need help with paper in history 113 module . The topic is the underground railroad and the question to be answered in the paper is How was the underground railroad an act of ” resistance ” for the participants MY thesis sentenece is The participants in the underground railroad included abolitionists, free slaves and slaves.Each of the these were resisting against slavery. We have to use referees that were approved two form primary two from secondary.

Primary sources

The Fugitive Slave Act (1850) William Still, “Journal C of Station No. 2 of the Underground Railroad” (1855) (PDF) “The Slave Policy,” Nashville Daily Union (1863) William Burke, “$150 Reward” (1838) Secondary Sources

Stanley Harrold, “On the Borders of Slavery and Race: Charles T. Torrey and the Underground Railroad” Nilgun Anadolu Okur, “Underground Railroad in Philadelphia, 1830-1860” Gayle T. Tate, “Free Black Resistance in the Antebellum Era, 1830 to 1860”  

please help. thank you


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