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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Global Marketing and Social Responsibility.

Due to the fact that I am a marketer, I move about San Antonio, TX. Currently, I am working for a multinational company based in San Antonio, TX. I am dynamic and a person of high integrity (Sims, 2007). In addition, I have 3 years of experience as a marketing officer. The additional diploma courses enhance my efficiency especially given the fact that they related to managing individuals, which marketing is all about.

My marketing mixes in the US are definitely not the same with those of my country of interest. Nevertheless, I wish to point out that my dynamisms will allow me to work in any city within Spain. However, I expect to find a challenging job that has opportunities for growth. It would be my pleasure to use my skills, knowledge, and experience to see into it that my new organization benefits significantly. The minimum basic salary that I will be looking for is $ 10,000 per


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