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I need some help on my SAS project. I have the data files and the coding done but I am not getting the correct results.

The instructions requires me to develope a program in SAS to access the Excel spreadsheet and then I have to convert the income ranges into two numerical variables for Male and Female data. As an example, the label $1 to $2,499 or loss would be stored in two variables with content: 1 and 2499. The requires for the SAS program requires me to use a DO loop to process the labels into numerical variables. When I am creating and processing the variables, I will need to maintain the gender identification of the data so that the information for male and female earning categories is preserved. Finally, Given 20 earning labels per gender category, I should have 80 variables when finished, 40 per gender category. When converting the label $100,000 or more use numbers: 100000 and 149999. I have completed the DO loop but I don’t see the data 80 variables. Thanks


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