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Write a memo to either MOM’s or to HIT’s newly-hired director that:

1) Explains the meaning and policy implications of the terms: 

1 “event: occurrences with social consequences”,

2 “condition : situation accepted as inevitable or unchangeable”, 

3“problem: sitions that people seek to change”, and 

4“public problem : situations people seek to have the government help to change”;

2) Uses the above terms to develop a strategy to direct political and/or public attention to your issue;

3) Explains what a “problem broker” is induvial, group, and coalitions that seek to promote their policy objectives by directing political attention towards specific issues and controlling how those issues are viewed. 

and how they might promote your policy goals; 

3) Considers whether this coming year will be a good year to advance your cause, and why or why not.


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