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(k) Sketch a payoff diagram that shows (as a function of the October 2008 spot price for rubber) the payoff for CRCs rubber production, as well as for each of the options constituting the zero-cost collar, and for all of these elements combined. -6(l) Sketch a profit diagram for the same items shown in the payoff diagram of (k). (m) Now suppose that CRC decides to construct a collar based on prices of 86,000 and 92,000. What is the cost to the company for such a collar? (n) Create a payoff diagram for this 86,000 – 92,000 collar (showing the payoff for each of the components, the total payoff for the collar, the payoff for CRCs rubber production, and the total payoff for the collar plus the rubber production). -7(o) Create a profit diagram for the 86,000 – 92,000 collar, showing the profit amounts for the same items whose payoffs were shown in the diagram for (n). Note that the options used here constitute a collar, but there is a name for the combination of all of the elements i


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