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Discusssion: 0 dB Reference Levels

Please calculate the following: In acoustics, the threshold of pain is approximately 120 dB SPL. How much pressure is this, in pascals?

Using a VOM (volt-ohm meter), you measure a 0.13 volt signal. How would you express this quantity in dBu? dBV? dBµ?

Express -4 dBu using dBV.

What is the sum of two signals (-4 dBm and -3 dBm) in dBm? (Careful: will the sum of the two signals be lesser or greater than either signal alone? Make sure your answer makes sense.)

What is the sum of two signals (-4 dBV and -3 dBV) in dBu? (See caution above.)

Make sure to always include units. Please post your calculations (and show your work!) accompanied by your observations:

Can you see the value of using 0 dB references?

Does anything remain confusing to you about working with 0 dB reference levels?

Are there any additional insights that you can share with your fellow classmates to help solidify these concepts?


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