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45) Which of the following costs is an example of a cost that remains the same in total as the number of units produced changes? A) Direct labor B) Salary of a factory supervisor C) Units of production depreciation on factory equipment D) Direct materials 46) Which of the following describes the behavior of the fixed cost per unit? A) Decreases with increasing production B) Decreases with decreasing production C) Remains constant with changes in production D) Increases with increasing production 47) Which of the following activity bases would be the most appropriate for food costs of a hospital? A) Number of cooks scheduled to work B) Number of x-rays taken C) Number of patients who stay in the hospital D) Number of scheduled surgeries 48) Which of the following activity bases would be the most appropriate for gasoline costs of a delivery service, such as United Postal Service? 50) Costs that vary in total in direct proportion to changes in an activity level are called: A) fixed co


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