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5. “Many nucleotide differences are neutral-both the mutation and the normal gene cause the same protein to be made.” What is this an example of? Alleles 6. What term (from lecture/main text) describes an alternative form of a gene? Allele 7. What types of genes tell “when and where to build” a protein? Regulatory Genes 8. What is the 2% solution? Our braininess as a species arises from having humongous numbers of just a few types of offthe-rack neurons and from the exponentially greater number of interactions between them. What is fitness? An organism”s probability of survival and reproduction What is microevolution? Considers changes in the frequency of alleles from one generation to the next What is mutation? Introduces new alleles into a population What is genetic drift? Random fluctuations of allele frequencies from one generation to the next What is founder effect? A type of genetic drift caused by the formation of a new population by a small number of individuals. Wh


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