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Construct a 99% confidence interval for the mean bill of a customer. A) [31.355, 32.645] B) [29.747, 34.253] C) [29.421, 34.579] D) [29,740, 34.260] E) [28.570, 35.570] Answer: C Type: Computation Difficulty: Medium 34. A random sample of 100 patients, suffering from a particular disease is given a new medicine. Eighty-five of the patients report an improvement in their condition. What is the success rate of the medicine, with a 99% confidence level? A) [0.7669, 0.9331] B) [0.8331, 0.8671] C) [0.7579, 0.9421] D) [0.7422, 0.9578] E) [0.7560, 0.9440] Answer: C Type: Computation Difficulty: Medium 35. If the population standard deviation is not known, what should be used as a point estimate? A) The standard deviation of a few sample means. B) The sample mean. C) The sample standard deviation. D) Any of the above. E) None of the above. 36. When is the t-distribution used in the construction of confidence intervals? A) When the population standard deviation is not known and the s


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