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I am working on a game where a user inputs 2 names first they input the first name and click OK which validates the name to see if it is 

and empty string if its empty throws an error if valid it unlocks player 2 name entry and ok button and does the same. Once both names are 

entered the lets play button is clicked. Once that is clicked the program should randomly select from the 2 players and enter the player

that is going first once the player is selected they can select a row they would like to pick from and must pick at-least one X value before 

clicking i have completed my turn. Once that is clicked the program should subtract from the maximum value of 16, also check if the selected

row has any left if there are none left the row should be disableled for the next player and system should display the next players turn. 

the process repeats until the player that selects the last X and presses i have completed my turn and declare him as the LOSER. 


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