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A survey is the most common form of a

a.Quantitative analysis

b.Qualitative analysis

c.Evaluative analysis

d.None of the above


In experimentation, a group of subjects to whom no experimental stimulus is administered and who should resemble the experimental group in all other respects.

a.Experimental group

b.Test group

c.Sample group

d.Control group


A form of nonprobability sampling in which the researcher selects a few subjects who possess the qualities being studied, then asks these subjects to generate the names of others, who are in turn asked to generate names of others.

a.Systematic sampling

b.Multistage sampling

c.Convenience sampling

d.Snowball sampling


Questions that are threatening may be answered with a normative response. This is an example of

a.Social desirability

b.Response set

c.Distorted wording

d.Response rate


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