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Write a summative analysis and report on the potential application of quantitative models to organizational problems, issues, and/or cases related to a company of your choice in the field of health care. Organize the 7-12-page , double-spaced paper using the following format:

Define the issue/situation. Describe why you believe quantitative methods are used.

Describe what specific quantitative methods are used in your organization including naming the methods, and their specific purpose or desired outcome.

Evaluate the appropriateness of the methods used and suggestions you have for improved quantitative analysis.

Reflect on what this teaches you about the importance of use of quantitative methods by the businesses under study.

Present the analysis and report using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Write an individual paper, 2-4 pages long, explaining the role you played in the team summative analysis and reflecting on the use of the quantitative methods used.


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