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Which of the following is not recommended when leaving a voice mail message on another person’s phone?, “Thank you for your business” is the type of closing line that should generally be avoided in responding to a routine request because it would likely be considered a cliché by the recipient of the message. true or false. Ola Jensen has placed her first order with your company. What is the best method to let her know you received her order? When asked to provide credit information about an account holder, good advice is to state your opinion of the applicant as favorably as possible. Sending a sincere apology message to a customer for a serious mistake made could be considered. Depending on the situation, a thank-you message can be handwritten, printed on letterhead, or sent electronically.Good- or neutral-news messages follow a deductive sequence where the message begins with the main idea. Business messages should be organized based on. Which of the following is not a benefit of e-mail?


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