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Write a 1 page essay on Buckingham palace.

Later on, when it became the Queen’s House, thousands of people worked accumulatively over time on what it is today.

Brickwork was the main method used to built most of the façade of the palace. This grand architectural masterpiece is mainly built with red bricks with stone details. Some of the facades of the palace are made out of different kinds of limestones.

Most of the interior design of the residence uses lapis and scagliola, but has since been partly redesigned with a gold color scheme. Today, it has a total of more than seven hundred rooms, twenty state rooms, fifty royal and guest bedrooms, two-hundred staff bedrooms, ninety offices and about eighty restrooms. All in all, there’s a total of approximately a thousand rooms and it was in 1883 when electricity was first put there, with over 40,000 lightbulbs and installations. Represeting a great deal of baroque style and design, it firmly stands today as a true architectural


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