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Original work needed. Essay format. At least one full page (double spaced, times new roman 12 point) references cited in APA format. – I’m not so concerned about the whole thing being APA like the font and margins and stuff, I can change all that, I just need to make sure the references are there.

Imagine you are the Vice President of a nonprofit, which works with human rights and equity initiatives, and you are managing the intercultural relations portfolio. Each year, you are tasked with evaluating the core values for the organization. Each cultural core value includes: acquire (knowledge), build (strategic thinking), contemplate (motivation), and do (behavior).

How would you illustrate the theme of cultural experiences to members of the organization? What framework for socialization would you implement? How would you make sure that others in your organization understand racial prejudice and in the workplace?

Please feel free to use external sources to address the prompt.


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