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1.    Show how the following transactions are entered into the US balance of payments:

a.    A US resident imports $500 worth of goods from the UK and promises to pay in three months.

b.    The US government gives $100K cash balance in a US bank to a developing nation as part of the US foreign aid program.

c.     The US government gives $100K worth of food aid to a developing nation.

d.    A US resident purchases a $1000 foreign stock and pays for it by drawing down her bank balances abroad.

e.    A US resident receives a dividend of $100 on her foreign stock and deposits it in her bank account abroad.

f.     A foreign investor purchases $400 of US Treasury Bills and pays by drawing down his bank balances in the United States. 

U.S. Balance of Payment AccountCurrent Account Debit Credit500100,000 Capital Account Debit Credit Financial Account Debit Credit500400100,000 400100,000 Official Settlements Balance Debit…


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