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A company has the following income statement and balance sheet:


Sales       $1,000

Costs        600

Depreciation     250

EBIT       $ 150

Interest expens   50

EBT       $ 100

Taxes (40%)      40

Net income    $ 60


Cash           $ 20             Accounts payable $ 30

Short-term investments   30            Accruals      50

Accounts receivable    20          Notes payable        10

Inventory          60           Current liabilities  90

  Current assets     130           Long-term debt     70

Gross fixed assets    140            Common stock      30

Accumulated deprec.    40             Retained earnings   40

Net fixed assets     100           Total common equity   70

Total assets       $230          Total liab. & equity $230

If the Total Operating Capital FOR THE LAST YEAR WAS $120, what is the current year’s Free Cash Flow?


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