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Write a 2 page essay on Duke Heart Failure Program.

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What are the financial results of the CHF disease management program? Hint: Examine revenue and cost impacts for the Hospital (inpatient and outpatient) and Physicians perspective. According to the American Heart Association, the annual direct cost was estimated to be $ 22.2 billion to treat the CHF patients, in addition to $ 2.1 billion in the loss of productivity. The costs of the hospital were about 60 percent of the direct costs of CHF. Hospital readmission rates were about 2 percent with in 2 days, 20 percent with in 1 month, and 50 percent for 6 month time. The only one largest expense for Medicare was CHF and it was also the basic cause of admission in emergency room among the Medicare population. Non-compliance of diet and medication resulting in readmission was about 33 percent to 64 percent whereas 35 percent of readmissions were related to inadequate discharge planning or follow- up. 3.


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