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2.  A study of recent college graduates is aimed at determining the distribution of 

            college debt amongst males and females. Therefore, a researcher records the 

            gender and the amount of debt of each individual in his sample of 25,000    

            recent college graduates. Select the correct conclusion from the statements    


(a)Gender and college debt are both categorical (qualitative) variables.

(b)Gender is a categorical (qualitative) variable and college debt is a quantitative variable. 

(c)  Gender and college debt are both quantitative variables. 

(d)Gender is a quantitative variable and college debt is a categorical (qualitative) variable. 

     3.    The mean age of bus drivers in Chicago is 59.4 years. If a hypothesis test is

performed and we assume the alternative hypothesis is the claim, how should you interpret a decision that rejects the null hypothesis, where 

Ho:  ?= 


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