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  1. Films or literature based on true events often include fictional characters that are not based on real-life participants to give a human dimension to the story or convey a message through literary means – by introducing a character as a concrete embodiment of an abstract idea or sentiment. The character of Anna Sorensen is one such example. Examine her role in Joyeux Noel. Do you think that her role adds to the overall meaning of the movie? Why or why not? Analyze a specific scene to support your claim.
  2. How do prisoners cope with the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps? Examine one example and explain the coping mechanism it illustrates.
  3. “Matryona’s Home” is believed to have been modeled on the literary genre of saint’s life. At the end of the story Ignatich describes Matryona as “the righteous one without whom, as the proverb says, no village can stand” (2722). In what ways is Matryona like a saint? Focus on one point and illustrate it by analyzing one example.


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