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When severe drought much Mediterranean Agean->Nile, central gov collapsed->attacks outside + powerful vassals threw off allegiance -Uluburun and Maritime Trade: diplomatic/military activity->control gold/copper/pottery trade e.Mediterranean/Mycenaean traders off s.Turkish coast, Uluburun-ship @ Cemal Pulak s.Turkey, shipwrecked 1310BC, carried 350+ copper ingots (60 pounds each), load 10 tons (enough 2 equip small army w/ weapons/armor), a ton resin (2-handled jars) 4 people in Syria used as incense 4 Egyptian rituals, dozens blue glass disks, ingots sent Egypt fm Tyre, hardwood, Baltic amber, tortoise shells, elephant tusks, hippopotamus teeth, ostrich eggs, jars olives, Canaanite/Mycenaean pottery, fm Africa, Egypt, e. Mediterranean coast, Greek mainland-Aegean, Cyprus, Sardinia, reflection-interantional nature e.Mediterranean trade in 2 nd millennium BC-Hittites @ height power -Iron Technology: maritime trade-role diffusion irons tools/weapons e.Mediterranean, iron thought have been


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