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The reign of terror was another characteristic event of the war (Vardalos and Letts 2009, 382). Overall the course was a bloody one that resulted in the destruction of the entire institutions and segments of the society that had once been the most influential ones in the corridors of decision making. The arrival of the likes of Maximilien Robespierre (McNeese 2000, 11), Siayes (Sieyès and Sonenscher 2003, 31), and Napoleon Bonaparte made it more significant in the context of the events that took place. Some of them were outright authoritative and reactionary in nature. others were based on the principles of recon illation of the church and concordat with the pope(Gregory 2001, 81). Overall, the revolution had taken the entire continent into its grip in direct and indirect manner. The revolution came the concepts like Equality, Liberty and Fraternity (Spicker 2006, 10) to the people and gave them a new hope to


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