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Regarding America’s 2009 economic crisis, New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Frank Rich writes in a January 9, 2010 editorial that ultimately “Wall Street gamed and inflated the housing bubble, made out like bandits, and then left millions of households in ruin…,” and then goes on to say that “…bailed-out banks are [now] reporting record profits and bonuses. The contrary voices of Americans who have lost pay, jobs, homes and savings are either patronized or drowned out entirely by a political system where the banking lobby rules in both parties and the revolving door between finance and government never stops spinning.”

Please composean carefully reasoned essay in which you defend, challenge, or qualify Rich’s claim regarding politics, economics, and the American citizen. Support your argument with specific evidence from your reading, observation, or experience.

Your essay should be fully developed and of considerable length, as it would be for the AP Language and Composition exam.


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