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which scenario most directly  illustrates one of the following 10 qualities of a measure. Pick one quality. Identify that single quality and explain your answer. 

10 qualities of measure: (Pick one for each scenario)

  1. good reliability
  2. good face validity
  3. good content validity 
  4. good criterion validity 
  5. good construct validity 
  6. poor reliability 
  7. poor face validity 
  8. poor content reliability 
  9. poor criterion reliability 
  10. poor construct validity

Scenario 2 

A psychologist administers a computer based test to 140 college students. The test is designed to measure the students unconscious prejudice toward certain groups. Each student takes the same test a second time, 3 weeks later. There is a very high correlation between students test scores on the two occasions. Higher scores on the first test administration are strongly associated with higher scores on the test administration. 


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