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Compare and contrast the results of your two analyses. As part of your comparison, answer the following two questions: How did the model and the theory or paradigm affect your interpretation of your information behavior? In what ways were the model and the paradigm or theory useful for explaining your information behavior?

Approximately 1500  words (not including headings and references). Grading will follow the assignment item-by-item, and will include criteria from the Assignment Policies from the Assignment Descriptions and Policies Document (see under Assignments module of the course BB).and the model can be found on google scholar with any of the articles on Ellis model…

It has to be done with the ellis model and I have a specific behavior that needs to used as well

The information behavior has to be my double stroller one. Describing how I bought my double stroller I’ve attached all the posts that I have uploaded in the class with the description of the behavior   


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