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Need an argumentative essay on Sam 386 unit 8. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

A contract must include the names of both or more parties involved. The parties when dealing with businesses must include the type of entity and state of establishment.

The scope of the work describes in detail the things that must be done to comply with the terms of the contract. It also includes a specific list of deliverables for the project and a process for expanding the scope of work, should the client want you to provide additional services (Artofbusiness, 2014). The precise terms of the contract and the timeline for delivery of the contract are important elements. The project manager must provide progress reports to upper management about the completion status of the project. The payment details is probably the most important element of a service contract. The contract must clearly states who owns any patents, copyright, or trademarks that are product during the course of business of the


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