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I am trying to get help with an HRM questions. Not sure if I can do that here?

I am working on a task assignment where I am taking a current Pay Rate Table and Proposing an updated proposed pay table, then creating a pay grade and ranges table.

I’m confused with the pay grade and ranges table and identifying green and red circles. I have all the information right in front of me. I have attached the information in a word document, hoping you will be able to help me de-muddle my brain. It includes both my current and proposed Pay Rates, as well as the Pay Grade and Ranges table.

The obvious circles are completely outside of my pay grade and ranges table.

What is confusing me is the middle piece. For example, with the HRM position, the current pay fits in a different grade that the proposed but the grade overlaps for the current between grades 3 and 4. I am making this more difficult that it is but I cannot seem to place the current pay grade between the overlapping ranges.


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