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Use the following statement to answer 5,6,7 A market research company employs a large number of typists to enter data into a computer database. The time taken for new typists to learn the computer system is known to have a normal distribution with a mean of 90 minutes and a standard deviation of 18 minutes. A candidate is automatically hired if he or she learns the computer system in less than 100 minutes. A cut-off time is set at the slowest 10% of the learning distribution. Anyone slower than this cut-off time is not hired.

5. The proportion of new typists that take more than two hours to learn the computer system is

a. 0.952.

b. 0.548.

c. 0.048.

d. 0.452 

6. What proportion of candidates will be automatically hired?

a. 0.048

b. 0.452

c. 0.711

d. 0.952

7. What is the cut-off time the market research company uses?

a. 1 hour and 7 minutes

b. 1 hour and 53 minutes

c. 2 hours

d. 2 hours and 8 minutes


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