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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Global Operations managenment.

In order to address this issue, PPQ Parts should uphold a decent relationship with every stakeholder of the country and do not engage into any activity which cause impairment to the reputation and goodwill of PPQ Parts.

1. The foremost economic issue for PPQ Parts would of exchange rate fluctuations. These adverse movements in foreign exchange rate can harm the company’s profits. So in order to mitigate this risk, PPQ Parts should implement a reasonable hedging strategy to combat this foreign exchange currency risk.

2. Another economic issue that the company might have to face is the level of inflation in the foreign country. Due to inflation, the cost of goods sold of PPQ Parts may increase resulting in lower profits. So in order to avoid this situation, PPQ Parts should estimate the reasonable demand of the PPQ Parts’ products and contract with the suppliers to fix the rates of materials for future


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