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  1. Police suspect Able and Baker of murdering Charlie, but all they have are suspicions. They have no reasonable suspicions and nothing that would allow a legal stop. They find Able and Baker together hanging out on a street corner, search them, and find a gun on Able. Nothing is found on Baker. Both men are arrested. Ballistics test match the bullet taken from Charlie’s cold, dead body to the gun, which prove the gun is murder weapon. Further tests reveal  Baker’s—and only Baker’s—fingerprints on the gun. From this, further evidence is found linking Baker to murder that would not have been uncovered except for the fact the police found the murder weapon. Police then process Baker’s arrest and let Able go. Baker moves to suppress his original arrest as being without probable cause; and the gun as being seized with no warrant and with no probable cause. Should the arrest and the gun be suppressed (this calls for your opinion—give support)? Will it be suppressed (what is the law—give support)?


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