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design an Employee class that contains the necessary attributes and methods. Then, we will implement a Payroll class that will create and utilize an Employee object.

The program should include all of the information and capabilities of your previous payroll programs. (For example: computing employee gross pay (including overtime), tax amount (according to the rules in the tax table), and net pay).

In the main method of the Payroll class, allow the user to run the salary computations as many times as they wish (in a while loop). We will reuse the same Employee object reference in the loop. Right after an employee’s information is entered, display the employee information and computed values (gross pay, tax amount, and net pay) for that employee. When the user indicates to end the loop (either using -1 or “quit”), compute and display the average gross pay for the employees entered (you will need to make variables for total and count in your main method to compute this).


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