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In each of the following situations, discuss the legal rights of the parties, giving full

legal reasons for your answers.


Qonsett Airlines (QA) issued timetables in paper form and on the Net.

Christine checked the net timetable for August, chose

a flight which was scheduled

to arrive in Brisbane in time for an important sales meeting at 10 a.m., then booked

a ticket. On the day of the flight she arrived at the airport to find that her flight was

delayed, and it actually took off one hour after th

e scheduled departure time.

Christine missed her meeting and wants to sue Qonsett.


In return for her twenty years faithful service with the One Notion

supermarket, Mr Colston, Pauline’s employer, offered her a free trip to Indonesia,

which she happily

accepted. Several months have passed since the promise was

made, but no further mention has been made of the holiday. Pauline wants to

demand her holiday


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