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Stanley sold prefabricated steel sheds. One day he learned that a shed similar to those he sold had collapsed, killing a worker who was inside the structure at the time. Stanley went to his supervisor and indicated his concern that he was selling an unsafe product. The supervisor assured him that the shed in question had collapsed because the buyer’s employees had assembled it incorrectly. Not satisfied with this answer, Stanley went over his boss’s head to the vice president of sales, who likewise assured him that the sheds were safe and even gave him a copy of a report that seemed to confirm this. Still unsatisfied, Stanley attempted to see the president of the company. At this point, out of patience with Stanley, his supervisor and the vice president conferred with HR and fired him. Does Stanley have a claim of wrongful discharge? If the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act has regulations relating to the safe construction of steel sheds, might these regulations help strengthen Stanley’s case?


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