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Briefly describe the crime reported in the newspaper/magazine article. The crime must have occurred on or after April 3, 2018. The account of the crime (from the newspaper or magazine – can be an online version) must name an individual/individuals who were arrested for committing the crime. (It cannot be an article stating that police are “searching for suspects” in the commission of a crime). The individuals do not need to have been convicted – just arrested. (For the purposes of this assignment, assume that the named individual did indeed commit the crime). The article should mention the date of the crime, the suspect’s age and where the crime was committed.

You may use ONLY ONE of the following theories to explain the theory as if you are teaching it to someone who has never heard of this theory before

Merton’s Anomie

Agnew’s General Strain

Sutherland’s Differential Association

Hirschi’s Social Bond

Gottfredson & Hirschi’s General Theory


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