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Each of the six group members need to select a perspective to represent: Spain, Naples, Lutheran Germany, Catholic Germany, the Netherlands, and the Catholic Church from 1598. In other words, each of you will choose to become one of the above categories and discuss from that point of view. You need to decide amongst yourselves which you will represent and I would do this as early as possible. Once you’ve made the decision, prepare your discussion perspective very carefully.  Try to learn your specific choice, but also the larger picture of central Europe at the beginning of the seventeenth century. As a discussion group, discuss the legitimacy of Habsburg power over their respective states and the Catholic Church. Try to focus on religious, linguistic, political, and regional factors as to why one region/church should or should not accept Habsburg dominance and/or influence. Which factors are more important: culture or politics or both? Why? 

I have decided to choose The Netherlands. Please help!!


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