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Share a personal experience that answers the following questions, keeping within your own comfort level.

1. Has anyone ever made an assumption about how you were expressing your feelings or behaving based on your gender? How did you feel when that happened?

After you have reviewed the readings and viewed the videos in this module, please respond to the following questions:

2. Imagine that you are a healthcare professional with a patient who reports having difficulty in coping with stress. Consider this patient from two perspectives, a patient who identifies as a male and a patient who identifies as a female. Based on what you read and viewed in the videos, consider your expectations regarding:

  • Stress symptoms
  • Negative coping behaviors, such as substance abuse, alcoholism, etc.
  • Use of the mental health system

3. What would you say is the value of evaluating someone’s mental health from the perspective of gender-based behavior? What is the risk?


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