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Can you please answer these question. Also explain if the “d” value in part 2 and 3 will be positive or negative.

The following four questions concern the four points P = (1,4,3), Q = (2,1,3), R =(3,4,1) and S = (1,0,4). —> —>. Find a vector perpendicular to both PQ and PR. . Find an equation of the plane that contains P, Q and R. . Find the minimum distance between the plane found in question (2) and the point 3. Leave your answer in exact form (i.e., something like V 72/7r). Do not use a decimalapproximation. . Using the results of questions (1) and (3) compute the volume of the tetrahedron de?nedby the four points P, Q, R and 5′. You may use the result that the volume of atetrahedron can be computed as one—third the height times the base area. If you chooseto use some other approach in calculating the volume then you will be expected toprovide some justi?cation (such as a reference to a textbook or a web page or evenbetter, a complete mathematical proof). Leave your answer in exact form.


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