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For example:

1. Leukopenia = Leuk (white cell) -o (combining vowel) – penia (deficiency) Leukopenia = deficiency of white blood cells or low blood cell count

2. Hepatitis = Hepat (liver) – itis (inflammation) Hepatitis = Inflammation of the liver

each word below the same way, as shown in the example:

1.Gastroparesis 2.Septicemia 3.Hemiplegia 4.Idiopathic 5.Renal 6.Venipuncture 7.Analgesic 8.Antipyretic 9.Anesthetic 10.Gluconeogenesis 11.Ectopic 12.Pancreatitis 13.Hydrocephalus 14.Circumcision 15.Dialysis 16.Embolism 17.Infrared 18.Metastatic 19.Polycystic 20.Retrograde


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