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Selected balance sheet information for the Wolf Company at November 30, and December 31, 2018, is presented below. The company uses the perpetual inventory system and all sales to customers are made on credit.

  Nov. 30   Dec. 31   Debits   Credits   Debits   Credits Accounts receivable 9,700       2,700     Prepaid insurance 4,700       7,200     Inventory 6,700       5,700     Accounts payable     11,700       14,700 Salaries and wages payable     4,700       2,700 

The following cash flow information also is available:

  1. Cash collected from credit customers, $77,000.
  2. Cash paid for insurance, $4,700.
  3. Cash paid to suppliers of inventory, $57,000 (the entire accounts payable amounts relate to inventory purchases).
  4. Cash paid to employees for salaries and wages, $9,700.


1. Determine the following for the month of December:

2. Prepare summary journal entries to record the month’s sales and cost of those sales.


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