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Create a 9 page essay paper that discusses EMC Design for Boiler Controller.

The paper discusses the concepts related to Electro Magnetic Compatibility like Electro Magnetic Compatibility design principles. The paper also relates these concepts to the design of a Boiler Controller with five subsystems. The EMC mitigation techniques like filtering, shielding, bonding of cables, PCB layout, etc. have to be detailed for this Boiler Controller. Also, system hardening recommendations has to be proposed for system in case of any discrepancy in the design. Dr. Franz Schlagenhaufer and Mathew Wood says that ‘Grounding, shielding, filtering and cabling/wiring are important design criteria to achieve EMC on the equipment level. In order to avoid costly overkill solutions and to tailor individual measures in the case of contradicting requirements, ….their application must be based on sound theoretical principles. A sound knowledge of electromagnetic theory is essential to understand and appreciate EMC measures’.


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