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1. Some people are habitually indecisive. They let others make decisions and then follow along whether they agree or not. Why do you think they behave this way? When addressing this topic, focus on people in the workplace (i.e., your boss, co-workers, and/or group/team members). Also, when dealing with an indecisive person in the workplace, what would you do? After that, it is fine to discuss indecisiveness in your personal life.

2. Think of a recent unethical business decision made by someone you know. If you are not able to think of an example, it is okay to discuss an unethical decision made by someone well known (actor, politician, sports player, CEO of a company, etc.). However, be sure that the decision is business related. Discuss the decision and the impact on others. Also, discuss what the person failed to do when making the decision. When addressing this question, refer to this week’s lecture. Last, if you were that person that made the unethical decision, what would you have done differently?


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