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1) I agree with you on you post. You aee so it with you result and how a person can change his mind about something he was sue about and then changing it because thee other options available Then if he finds out that he decided that his decision was the best one to make. At least, he gave the other options chance. I am always open to other ideas.

2) I think you explained the expectation theory of motivation and its influence on human behavior. I agree with your saying that individuals do base most of their decisions off of what they believe. I think most people try to outweigh their options on a situation before they make a decision and ultimately choose the decision in which they believe is best. We may go back and forth with ourselves to come up with a solution but when you feel strongly about something you tend to go In that direction with your decisions.

3) As a manager, everyone should be treated fairly. However employees should be motivated differently. Please explain these statements.


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