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I pulled the following claims from The Hunger Project website.  

World Hunger795 million people – or one in nine people in the world – do not have enough to eat. 98% of the world’s undernourished people live in developing countries. Where is hunger the worst? Asia: 525.6 million Sub-Saharan Africa: 214 million Latin America and the Caribbean: 37 million

Please see Figure 2-1 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Fact Book, Chapter 2 (page 14).  That shows that on average each U.S. inhabitant uses about 3,800 calories of food each day, wasting about 1,000 of those calories.  

At the same time, inhabitants of Japan, for example, use about 2,800 calories per day (List of countries by food energy intake,Wikipedia).  

Now, thinking in terms of possible versus impossible, as I have been pushing in the other discussion thread, what does this have to do with the categorical imperative?  (Note that we have to get things firmed up in the other thread before we can address this question.)  


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